Rules of the Cat's House5 Reasons to choose a British Cat

Pay attention to representatives of the British breed, if you choose furry companion for yourself and family.

1. Character

Soft disposition, affection, poise and calmness are pleasant British character traits. Such Cats are not inclined to spoil furniture
and things. They do not show aggression, even if they do not like something – so the British are great for families with children.

2. Appearance

Plush British Cats will delight you not only with their character, but also with their beauty. The breed has many colors, and each is beautiful in its own way and original.

3. Health

British Cats are in good health. Congenital pathologies, cancer and chronic diseases are not common in the British Cats and much less than other breeds. And with the right care they will delight you with healthy activity for many years.

4. Cleanliness

The British breed is one of the cleanest! They carefully keep their coat and paws clean. Prefer everything around to be as pure and irresistible as they are.

5. Independence

The British Cats love their owners, but at the same time they are able to be in loneliness. If you leave for work in the morning and return late in the evening – they will find something to do with themselves.

P.S. All information is just an advisory and it is not direct animal care instructions. Kitten Care Responsibility carried by their future owners.