Cleanliness is the key to Cat’s healthCleanliness is the key to Cat’s health

If you have a cat or a kitten in your house, it is important to observe a few simple rules for maintaining cleanliness in the house. Cat’s toilet:If the cat goes to the tray with filler, it is better to purchase a special mat so that the contents of the toilet do not stick to the paws and do not spread throughout the apartment. A modern alternative to the filler toilet is the robotic toilet. Suchcat litter is not only hygienic, but also economical: useIt doesn’t need a filler. The toilet is cleaned automatically, for the owner only cleaning is required every few days.

Dishes and water for pets

It is best to wash cat bowls after each feeding. For dry andwet food optimally use different bowls. In the oral cavitycats is a lot of bacteria that remain on the bowl. If notwash pet dishes on time, these bacteria will accumulate  and duringlunch or dinner will enter into the body of your pet. Leftover food that has fallen on the floor must not be put back into the bowl. If a pet did not have a very neat lunch, just wash the floor.It is important to change the water every day and make sure that there is enough of it. It is forbidden giving cat water from the tap: it is not safe for the health of the pet. Boiled or filtered water is best.

Hygiene in the house

Put outdoor shoes in a locker, regularly wash thefloor. Select some natural bedding for your catand wash them periodically. In order to have less hair in the apartment, it is worth combing the Cat for at least 5 minutes during the day. But as for washing the pet  without the needs, you should not bathe the cat. But if you bathe, use only special shampoos for cats. Cleanliness in the house is the key to the  health. Bacteria, dust, dirt reduce pet’s immunity, and it becomes more vulnerable to various diseases. BUT a Cat that lives in a clean environment has excellent immunity and excellent mood!

P.S. All information is just an advisory and it is not directanimal care instructions.  Kitten Care Responsibility carried by their future owners.