Common Cat’s diseases that owners should be aware ofCommon Cat’s diseases that owners should be aware of

Our furry pets, like all of us, tend to get sick. If athe pet feels bad – this is not a reason to panic, but a reason to payattention to his condition, identify the cause and if necessary, visitveterinarian. Let’s talk about the most common symptoms and diseases that canencounter hosts.

1. Reduced immunity

The reasons for a decrease in immunity in cats can be very different.Starting from seasonal beriberi in the autumn, winter and spring periods and ending in serious illness. Immunity can be reduced frominsufficient cleanliness in the house, a sedentary lifestyle of a pet,lack of vaccinations or poor nutrition.

Symptoms of decreased immunity may include: Discharge from the eyes.Poor appetite and weight loss.Apathy, unwillingness to play.Hot tip of the nose.Hair loss, deterioration of its quality. If you notice at least one of the symptoms in a cat, this is a reasonanalyze what could cause a decrease in immunity andcontact your veterinarian for advice.

2. Allergy

The manifestations of allergies include: deterioration in the quality of hair, its fragility, bald spots, peeling and redness of the skin, itching. When such alarming symptoms, it is important to find the cause of the allergy – dust, unsuitable food, shampoo.It is easy to confuse allergies with dermatitis, so it is betterjust take your cat to the vet.

3. Ear mites

Ear mites are most common in a kittens. Signs of ear mitesinclude brown discharge from the ears, redness of the skin on the ears, itching.Noticing these symptoms, it is worth visiting a veterinary clinic: only a doctor will be able to accurately identify the ear mites and prescribe treatment. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get rid of the parasite.

4. Diarrhea

Often diarrhea occurs in kittens for various reasons: it can bestress, moving to a new house, change of diet. Typically, in such casessymptoms pass quickly. But if diarrhea persists for 1-2days – you should immediately show the kitten to the veterinarian.

5. The kitten choked

Little kittens are subject to another danger: sometimes a kitten, trying to eat dry food from a bowl as soon as possible, choking on a piece of food. Or food can swell, stick to the larynx, causing suffocation. In such situations, you need to pour a little bit of  warm water into the kitten’s throat or lightly pat on the back if a kitten tries to cough.

Do not panic if your pet has one of the ailments. Manydiseases are quickly treated: the main thing is to notice the symptoms in time and see a doctor. Very soon your furry friend will be active again, cheerful and healthy.Prevention of many Cat’s diseases is favorable conditions forlife, cleanliness, lack of drafts, a full healthy diet andmost importantly, the kindness and love of the owner. P.S. All information is just an advisory and it is not directanimal care instructions.  Kitten Care Responsibility carried by their future owners.