Do cats need a street?Do cats need a street?

It is necessary to walk a domestic Cat – an open question for manyowners. If you live in the city, then we do not recommend letting the Cat out the street. This can be dangerous even if a Cat is wearing a leash. That’s why the best option is active games at home or on the property outside.

You can let the Cat go out to get some air, is the  subject to several conditions: At first, it is worth looking after the Cat, letting It out of the house on a leash. Do not leave a Cat unattended of the site border of the forest, inwhere there are wild animals or birds of prey. If lawns are treated with chemicals, it is impossiblelet the Cat eat this grass.Make sure that the Cat does not drink water from puddles.After a walk, carefully inspect the cat for ticks.

Cats love to watch, hunt and play with insects.Therefore, if your suburban area is safe and the animalis supervised – such walks will only benefit.

P.S. All information is just an advisory and it is not directanimal care instructions. Kitten Care Responsibility carried by their future owners.