Rules of the Cat's HouseEvery Cat needs its own space

Cat needs itsa separate corner to sleep, play, relax. The Cat musthave its own bed or house made of natural fabrics. Especially manyfluffy ones love bag houses in which they can burrow and hide.An obligatory piece of furniture in a Cat’s corner is a scratching post.

It is essential to keep your furniture safe

The scratching post can be made of an jute or a sisal.The choice depends on the degree of your pet’s activity. An jute is softer, so it is suitable for not too active Cats. A sisal is more durable: if your pet is constantly sharpens its claws, choose it.

Many breeds love to be on top

If your Cattends to jump somewhere higher, buy a multi-levelclaw house. Often such complexes are supplemented with ladders,ropes, toys, shelves and hammocks. The more of these detailsthe more interesting it is for the Cat to spend time there.

You can make a claw house with your own hands

So the product willmatch your taste and fit perfectly into the interior. Safety:It is important to follow some rules when arranging a Cat’s corner.There should be no sharp corners nearby.The Flower’s pots and fragile items should be removed.The scratching post must be stable.All elements must support the weight of the Cat.Do not hang toys that a Cat can swallow.

P.S. All information is just an advisory and it is not directanimal care instructions.  Kitten Care Responsibility carried by their future owners.