What to feed a British Cat?What to feed a British Cat?

The British Cats have a sensitive digestive system andtendency to be overweight – therefore it is important to provide those ladies and gentleman of the balanced diet. It can be ready-made food or natural food.

Choice of food: what to pay attention on

Quality food should give a Cat all the necessary minerals,vitamins, fatty acids and contain enough protein.

Important food selection criteria:

  1. The composition of the food must be at least twotype of meat. The ideal “meat platter” for the British is chicken,fish, rabbit, beef and turkey. The meat should be listed first.
  2. The food must contain trace elements: magnesium, phosphorus, fluorine, iodine, arginine, methionine, taurine, cystine.
  3. Vegetables, seeds, sprouts, as well as vitamin and mineral complexes in the composition – a sign of a balanced feed.

What should not be in the composition of the feed:

  • preservatives;
  • dyes;
  • flavors;
  • soy;
  • cereal crops.

Natural food is for the British.

Natural food is a separate menu, not a food from a common table.The basis of the diet is several types of raw meat.Also need fish and vegetables (carrots, zucchini, pumpkin). Percentage of nutrition is calculated like this: 60% – variety of meat 10% – offal (liver, spleen) 10% – fish5% – vegetables

Additionally, you can give sometimes dairy products, calcium and 1-2 times a week eggs. Water should be constantly available, regardless of whether yourCat takes  ready food or natural food.Proper nutrition is the foundation of a Cat’s health.

P.S. All information is just an advisory and it is not directanimal care instructions.  Kitten Care Responsibility carried by their future owners.