Games: Benefit for the Cat, Joy for the OwnerGames: Benefit for the Cat, Joy for the Owner

Games are an important part of the development of every animal. Playing, little Kittens learn to hunt, begin to explore the world and explore it.
Kittens begin to play from the age about a one month old, when their paws become strong enough. Depending on the nature of the Kitten, the degree game activity is changing. The most energetic kittens boldly climb under the cabinets and beds, trying to jump on the furniture. During this period it is important to keep an eye on pets that they do not get caught in claws, do not fall and do not
swallowed something.

As they grow older, the animals become calmer, but the need stays in games. Adult cats love to play outdoors with insects, try to catch them or watch them through the window. Most cats enjoy playing with toy mice, fishing rods, a laser pointer and a paper moth tied to a fishing line.

Why is active play necessary?

Games are a good prevention of excess weight. Especially important activity for breeds prone to obesity. British cats have such a feature, so for them active games are necessity.

Activity is needed to prevent diseases of the joints. If the animal moves not enough, lies a lot and practically does not run – risk the occurrence of joint problems is increasing. Playing with the owner is a special kind of communication that contributes the good mood of both the cat and its owner. Cats need entertainment too. For example, our cat Vasya is 2 years old plays like a little kitten, forgetting that he is already an adult leader of the pack. Of course, it brings him great pleasure!

Active games with a cat should be given at least a few minutes a day. day. Then the animal will be healthy, happy and very grateful to you. For this attention.

P.S. All information is just an advisory and it is not direct animal care instructions. Kitten Care Responsibility carried by their future owners.