Agreement between seller and buyer

When deciding to buy a kitten, future owners should understand that together with a kitten they take a very big responsibility. A kitten is a living creature that requires attention, proper care, nutrition and, of course, affection. This is a full-fledged member of the family who will be by your side together for many years.
The cattery Mr.Cat provides a Buyer with:
· All the necessary information about care, feeding and maintenance of a kitten, as well as advice on these issues for the first time;
· 72 hours warranty for kitten health;
· 1 year warranty in case of death of a kitten due to birth defects – in this case, we will provide you with a new kitten of similar quality.
Please note, that the cause of death of a kitten is determined by the Veterinarian. We will provide another kitten, only after receiving a full report from the Veterinarian.
The warranty does not apply to a kittens with the following diagnoses:
– feline infectious peritonitis of cats
– immunodeficiency virus
– leukemia virus
Also, the Cattery is not responsible for the costs associated with the future treatment and vaccination of the kitten.
When you decided to purchase a kitten in the Mr.Cat cattery, you Buyer, undertakes:
· Provide the kitten with food and accommodation throughout its life;
· Provide the kitten with veterinary care and timely treatment;
· Exclude keeping the kitten in drafts, near open windows or air conditioners. It is necessary to provide the animal with a dry and warm room. Keep a kitten on the street or in a cage is a violation of the contract;
· Do not allow the kitten to go outside and walk on its own;
· Do not remove its claws and teeth;
· Do not take the kitten to a shelter, pet store or laboratory for research;
· Surround the animal with care, affection and attention from the first day of its appearance in your house.
It is very important for us to give the kitten into the caring hands of responsible and loving owners. If you are just that person, our fluffy, purring kittens are waiting for you with impatience.